Get ready for the excellent apartments and brilliant lifestyle in Piramal Mahalaxmi

Get ready for the excellent apartments and brilliant lifestyle in Piramal Mahalaxmi

The quest for a proper abode in a metro city, especially Mumbai, seems to be never ending. There are so many projects going on. The decision becomes even more confusing when the factors such as location, affordability, facilities, etc are considered. Choosing a home in a prime location is what everyone wants. The price of the properties goes sky high while looking for such homes. Busting all the myths, Piramal Realty has come up with its latest venture in a brilliant location in Mumbai with the name Piramal Mahalaxmi.

The name is self-explanatory. Mumbai is a great city to settle down for the professionals and their families. The city is one of the top choices for the professionals as it offers excellent platforms to perform and progress with a promising future. Most of the professionals indulge in settling down here after securing a proper position in a company. The hard-earned money will bring a good investment if you choose the properties in Piramal Mahalaxmi as your next home.

Where is Piramal Mahalaxmi?

Piramal Realty is a glowing name on the map of the real estate industry in India. This is a part of a big corporation that delivers dream homes to the home seekers. Since the very beginning, the realty brand has provided excellent options in terms of residential properties in the leading cities in India. Piramal Mahalaxmi will be a magnificent one. The landmark project will bring a lot of admiration from the investors and real estate critics.

As per the plan, the project is located near Racecourse, Mahalaxmi. It is one of the most sought regions in the city that provide all the modern facilities a family needs. The fast-paced development in this area is converting the location into a high-grade living environment for the modern families. Piramal Mahalaxmi is being constructed in an efficient location that avails a brilliant network of roadways and transits. This will aid the professionals to connect with their specific business locations easily.

The families will find international level schools, supermarkets, medical facilities, retail outlets, banks, ATMs, entertainment centers, and other specific business points to meet their daily needs. It will be easier to lead a comfortable daily life as all the facilities will be right an arm’s distance from the project premises of Piramal Mahalaxmi.

Features and amenities of Piramal Mahalaxmi

As per the architectural representation of the project, an area of 7 acres has been allotted for the development of the residences. Piramal Mahalaxmi will offer 2 BHK and 3 BHK variants to the home seekers. It is expected that the project will be ready by the end of 2021. All the residential units will have modular features to support the modern needs of a family. The open space will be converted into various amenities such as lush green lawns, pastures, sports courts, playing areas, clubhouse, etc. There will be separate community halls for all the residential towers in Piramal Mahalaxmi. The developer is aiming to deliver a grand lifestyle to the owners of the properties. Invest your money and enjoy a grand lifestyle ahead.

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