Provident Northern Destiny Thanisandra Main Road | Bangalore

Provident Northern Destiny Thanisandra Main Road | Bangalore

Bangalore is the city preferred by the IT professionals to search for the right platform and work. The city holds the key to avail a plethora of opportunities to make your career remarkably bright. The multinational companies have their offices set in the IT hubs. This is why the IT professionals, after getting a good job, tend to settle down here for the rest of their lives and enjoy the facilities a metro city offers. To find such homes where the family can live peacefully and enjoy the facilities a metropolis offers, you can trust the ongoing projects in the suburbs that are close to the IT hubs. The best possible name in this aspect is Provident Northern Destiny. You will get the best properties to invest for a fortified future ahead.

Provident Group is a bright name on the map of India which has created a perfect residential infrastructure for the home seekers in the leading cities. It has chosen Bangalore as the necessity of modern homes is much higher here. It is worth mentioning that the real estate developer is adept at choosing the right location for the projects to be developed. Its new venture Provident Northern Destiny will be the best bet for a modern family to reside in this city.

Location of Provident Northern Destiny

The brand has chosen Thanisandra Road to be the next stop for a marvelous creation where the future residents will find utmost convenience to live. Apart from the facilities in the project, the location itself will offer perfectly developed surrounding where the future residents will find everything to make their lives comfortable. Provident Northern Destiny Thanisndra Road Bangalore will be sharing the perfect spot with many other versatile projects. This part of the city is the most sought after for the real estate developers, as well as, the investors.

Thanisandra Road is a part of the seamless network of arterial roads that connect with the latest IT hubs and other important business centers in the city. It is very close to Manyata Tech Park and other IT corridors which will help the professionals to connect with their offices easily. The family members will also find every provision close by via the shops and markets.

Features of Provident Northern Destiny

Provident Northern Destiny will be constructed on a vast piece of land near Thanisandra Road. The area acquired by the real estate developer is 4.5 acres. The project developer is aiming to deliver 400 residential units. These units will be of 2 BHJK and 3 BHK types. As per the design, the floor space of the units will vary from 1000 square feet to 14256 square feet. The fast-growing city ensures that this part of the suburb will become very important. The price of the properties is now set to be INR 59 Lakh. The future appreciation of the properties will bring a multiplied return. The units will also come with basic modern amenities for the recreational purpose of the owners. Provident Northern Destiny will be the ideal investment plan for a home seeking family in Bangalore.

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Salarpuria Misty Charm Bangalore

Salarpuria Group Launched Salarpuria Misty Charm Kanakapura Road Bangalore


A comfortable life consists of a dream home in a specific address conveniently distant from work and other facilities. There is no other alternative that can provide so much satisfaction that owning such a good property. The working professionals now find a good investment plan via owning a house. They avail a good return in the future via possessing the best properties available in a leading location. To own such homes in Bangalore, you can trust Salarpuria. The latest venture from the brand in Bangalore with the name Salarpuria Misty Charm is becoming ragingly popular among the modern families and investors in the city.

Salarpuria Group is an old trusted name in the industry. The customers of this brand have been excellently served by the beautifully designed homes in the previous projects. To keep up the good work, the brand has formulated another astounding project in the metro city of Bangalore. It has designed a remarkable plan for Salarpuria Sattva Misty Charm that will cater one of the best modern homes to the families. An investment in this project will be the ideal deal for the families deciding to reside in Bangalore and enjoy the facilities of a metropolis.

Location of Salarpuria Misty Charm

Salarpuria misty Charm Location

The real estate developer has strategically chosen Kanakapura Road after profound research. Using its experience and immense capabilities, the brand has found that Kanakapura Road is the ideal place to create a landmark. Not only the brand but also the owners of the properties will be highly benefitted in the long run. The way the city is increasing its perimeter, Kanakapura Road is going to be the heart of residential and commercial infrastructure. Salarpuria Misty Charm has acquired a vast piece of land in this location.

This part of the suburb connects well with the main city via the arterial roads. The expressways will allow the residents to connect with the important IT hubs and business corridors so that the busy professionals can reduce their time to commute easily. The public transportation services are also quite prevalent here. The other family members will also find living in Salarpuria Sattva Misty Charm blissful. The nearby international grade schools will offer a good platform for the kids to get educated. The shops, markets, and malls will also provide the daily requirements without any hassle.

Features of Salarpuria Misty Charm

The brand has chosen a huge piece of land of area 9.5 acres to create a remarkable residential infrastructure. Salarpuria Misty Charm will be completed and the properties will be available for possession by the end of 2022. The project will offer 1 BHK, 2 BHK, and 3 BHK apartments in abundance. There will be total 797 units for the modern families. The majority of the open space will be converted into walkways and roads surrounded by trees and green pastures. The residents will also find a clubhouse, playgrounds, sports courts, indoor gaming rooms, community halls, and various other amenities along with the properties.

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Sobha marina One

Sobha Marina One in Marine Drive Kochi – Sobha New Project Kochi

A home close to the sea with the views of waves crashing on the beach cannot be outsmarted by any other option. It is not easy to find such homes in the leading cities as space is already occupied. The resort-like haven will be the best investment plan a family can make to secure the future. This type of properties is sold at a great price in the near future. When the properties are constructed by a leading brand, the appreciation of the assets will be even more in the upcoming years. For those who want to own a property like this in Kochi, they are in for a surprise. Sobha Developers has come up with a perfect project named Sobha Marina One in the most beautiful location in Kochi. This versatile project will cater everything a family needs in its sea-facing home.

Sobha Developers is one of the best names in the industry to own a home. Since the very beginning, the real estate brand has done miracles by providing one of the best home options for the needy families in the leading city. This time it has come up with a remarkable flagship project in Kochi. The new venture Sobha Marina One Kochi will be the ideal choice for the modern families to live in peace.

Where is Sobha Marina One?

Kochi is a prime city in the southern part of India where people find excellent opportunities regarding jobs and lifestyle. To avail such opportunities, the families own a property and settle down in this city. The real estate developer has taken this opportunity to create a luxury flagship project in Kochi right beside the sea. Sobha Marina One will be the dream project to deliver what the modern family needs these days.

Sobha Marina One will be constructed on a vast land near Marine Drive Kochi. Imagine the view from the premises of the project. Every residential unit will be facing the sea and offer a remarkable picturesque all the time from the windows. The breathtaking sunsets will surely make your day complete. Marine Drive is well connected with the rest of the city via an excellent network of roadways. The arterial roads will ensure that the owners of the properties can go to work without wasting time. The family members will also find their necessary provision right away from the shops close by. Needless to mention, the properties in Sobha Marina One will be ideal for the families seeking utmost comfort and convenience.

Features of Sobha Marina One

Sobha Marina One Marine Drive will offer 3 BHK and 4 BHK apartments in a posh location with all the best features one can expect. The floor space will vary from 2483 square feet to 3711 square feet. The price of the properties will vary between INR 1.98 Crore and INR 2.97 Crore. The entire area acquired by the brand for constructing the premises is 16.7 acres. There will be total 1141 units in the form of residential towers ready for possession by the end of 2021.

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Excellent apartments for all home seekers in Rohan Upavan Bangalore

What if you can easily connect with your office without wasting time in Bangalore? What if you can return home early and enjoy the warmth of your family to bring a perfect balance in your life? This might sound like a fairy tale in the busy city but the new launch of the projects in the right locations is making it possible for the future residents. The city is evolving at a huge rate. it is taking the suburbs into its boundaries and creating the right projects for the future homeowners. To find such homes in the city, you can trust Rohan Upavan as the perfect option the project will be developed by none other than Rohan Developers.

The brand has been one of the most popular ones in the real estate history of India. It has always provided the best properties to the needy. The contemporary projects are ideal for the home seekers as it will cater all the facilities a modern family needs these days. Rohan Upavan will be the best bet when someone wants to live a comfortable life in the city. Apart from the location, the brand will include remarkable facilities one can expect in his home in this era.

Location of Rohan Upavan

Bangalore is full of beautiful locations to reside in terms of convenience and peace. If you want to reside somewhere away from the daily chaos then Hennur road is the ideal place to be. Gone are those days when someone has to find a home close to work. Hennur Road will offer ample facilities to the daily commuters as the efficient roadways will offer a smooth transition to the office and home. Hennur Road is one of the most happening locations in the city where you will find Rohan Upavan to be the best project to own a home.

The professionals working in the nearest IT hubs will find it easier to commute. The family members will also find very single provision close due to the developed surrounding. The presence of malls, shops, markets, entertainment centers, restaurants, hospitals, banks, ATMs, etc close to the project premises will be very helpful for the residents in the future.

Features of Rohan Upavan

Very less information is available for Rohan Upavan. The brand has just announced the prelaunch of the project and the investors are very excited. As the name suggest, the project will create a small orchard in the middle of the residential towers. It means that every residential unit will enjoy a green view every day. The spacious apartments will be prepared in the form of huge residential towers. There will be 1 BHK, 1.5 BHK, 2 BHK, 2.5 BHK, and 3 BHK apartments available for possession after the project has ended constructing.

The total area acquired by the project is 4.5 acres. The floor space of the properties will be 390 square feet to 1060 square feet. The price of the properties will vary from INR 31 Lakh onwards. Own the best properties in Rohan Upavan and prepare yourself for a grand lifestyle.


Godrej Active: Great Investment in Perfect Apartments in Keshav Nagar Pune

Your life enters a significant phase when you own a home in a leading city. The facilities in the home and that offered by the city make your life extremely convenient. This is why the hard working persons often try to own a home first and then invest in other assets. Owning a home is a dream comes true for a family. It is a milestone achieved after years of hard work and savings. The investment should be done methodically without hasting. To find a property, you need to be very careful and choosy. If you want to find properties in Pune then Godrej Active will be the best bet to go for. None other than this property will offer the lavished life you want to set for yourself in the future.

Godrej Active

Godrej Properties has always been the first choice for the families seeking posh properties in a great location. The brand has been very intuitive while looking for a location. Apart from choosing the right location, it also delivers the contemporary features a family needs in its home. Godrej Active will be the perfect example of dream abodes for the modern families that will cater excellent features and facilities.

Where is Godrej Active?

Among many projects running under the banner of Godrej, Godrej Active is being constructed in Pune. This city has been chosen by the developer so as to meet the rising demand of proper homes in the metro city. As the city is flourishing in its own terms, the requirement of god homes is also increasing in parallel. To meet such needs, the developer aimed to create a remarkable landmark project in Keshav Nagar, Pune.

Godrej Active will be sharing a brilliant location with many other developments in Keshav Nagar. It is the epicenter of development in Pune suburbs. Being close to the IT hubs and commercial zones, it will be easier for the future owners to commute and work daily. The arterial roads connecting the entire city will provide a seamless conveyance for the residents here. The family members will find good schools, shops, markets, restaurants, entertainment centers, eateries, hospitals, banks, ATMs, petrol pumps, drug stores, etc very close to the project premises. It will become a lot easier to find every single provision needed in the daily life.

Features of Godrej Active

Not much is known about the project right known. The brand has acquired a huge area in Keshav Nagar. It is set to create a landmark that will change the entire scenario of the location. Godrej Active will offer excellent residential homes ranging between 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms and 3 bedrooms variant. There will be an excellent floor plan in every unit so that the residents can find it easier to accommodate their daily utilities. The open space around the residential towers will be converted into brilliant green space so that the future dwellers can breathe fresh air all the time. Godrej Active Pune will be the perfect option for modern lifestyle in Pune. Invest your money and prepare for a brilliant future ahead.

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Godrej Meridien: Exclusive luxury Apartments With Huge Floor Space

The days of ordinary homes are gone. Welcome to the world of luxury homes with eminent qualities you need in your life. Life seems to be fair when every piece falls in the right place. What if you can own a home in the middle of a prosperous location in a big city? What if the homes are built to provide a luxury lifestyle? What if you can easily avail these residences without spending a fortune? Behold the modern home seekers! Godrej Properties is here to provide the best luxury homes one can expect in Gurgaon. The new venture Godrej Meridien will be the best bet you can make for your comfortable future. Arrange your hard earned money and get ready for the possession of the luxury home you have always dreamed of.

Godrej Meridien

Godrej Properties, doubtlessly, is the ideal brand to pursue to own a home. One can proudly say that he owns a property from Godrej. The brand value itself is enough to increase the price of the properties in the near future. There is no doubt that the investment will be extremely fruitful. The best way to secure your future is via investing in the latest project Godrej Meridien from the brand.

Location of Godrej Meridien

If you want to own a property in Gurgaon then none other than Godrej can give you the best satisfaction. Your hard toil will bear fruit when you will find the ideal properties at an unbelievable rate. Forget the ordinary homes and wait for the launch of this project in Sector 106 Gurgaon. Godrej Meridien will create a landmark for the proud future owners to stay.

Sector 106 is one of the prime development zones in the developing suburbs of Delhi. The city is increasing in size considerably with the support of the government and the real estate developers. Along with the escalation in opportunities, the real estate development is also providing great homes to the seekers. Godrej has taken this opportunity to create a project for the home seekers in the capital city of India. Sector 106 is the prime choice for all possible aspects. The families will find utmost convenience to get all the necessary products for daily uses in the nearby stores, malls, markets, etc. The hospitals and drug stores will be close too. There is no doubt that the properties in Godrej Meridien will be the perfect choice for all the family members.

Special aspects of Godrej Meridien

Far away from the chaos and pollution of the main city, Godrej Meridien will offer the best homes for a luxury living. The vast spaced apartments of 2 BHK, 3 BHK, and 4 BHK variants will offer a floor area ranging between 1400 square feet to 2750 square feet. The villa sized homes will be perfect for an excellent lifestyle. The project will offer power backup, security system, CCTV surveillance, designer lobbies, community halls, lifts, and every facility you expect. The green space with beautiful recreational amenities will make living in Godrej Meridien Gurgaon very comfortable for the future residents.

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Godrej Alive Presenting Apartments In LBS Road, Thane

Mumbai, famously known as the city of dreams is the embraced homestead millions. Owning a home in this delightful city is something everybody dreams off. There has dependably been an extraordinary interest for lodging units in and around the city. A home characterizes your status and gives shade/insurance to your friends and family. Consequently, purchasers merit only the best. Great framework and extravagance are of prime significance to home purchasers.

Godrej Properties, one of India’s best designers present to you Godrej Alive, extravagance meets common sense. This ultra Avante Garde venture stands tall on the edges of the city of Mumbai. Situated at LBS Marg, this task appreciates splendid network and great social framework. The task might be outlined as per world-class engineering and will house all cutting edge pleasantries for your benefit.

Advancement in plan and uncompromised quality have been the trademark of Godrej Properties. This Godrej Alive in Mulund West is being created with a mean to furnish its inhabitants with a tranquil domain combined with an urban standpoint expected to stay refreshed with the quick headways. Fabulous Gateways, Majestic Lobbies, and delightful arranging is here to welcome its occupants.

In the wake of hustling through an intense day at work and bearing family duties at each progression, he/she needs some additional glow to appreciate their reality. To help its purchasers with the same, a large group of present-day comforts/offices are accessible in this private scene.

Area of Godrej Alive

Godrej Alive Mulund is deliberately found, appreciates extraordinary network and splendid social framework. Thane, otherwise called Thana has numerous area focal points. Godrej Alive is connected to Mumbai by means of the Eastern Express Highway and the Eastern Freeway, Navi Mumbai by means of the Thane-Belapur Road, focal/western rural areas by means of Ghodbunder Road and to territories in Gujarat through the Mumbai-Ahmedabad Highway.

Nature lovers are in for a genuine treat, this venture is encompassed by a rich green cover, a cognizant exertion has been taken to guarantee there is adequate open space around the task. Get up each morning to hypnotizing and amazing perspectives from your gallery.

A1 review materials and quality foundation are an essential part of this venture. Considering the notoriety of the developer and the enhancements on offer, this task will undoubtedly stand out as truly newsworthy.

Various transportation offices are accessible around there. This territory is effectively available, Thane was the primary railroad line in India. Likewise, NH-3 and NH-4 are the two vital national interstates that connection Thane West to whatever remains of Mumbai. Also, proficient street transportation organizes inside the area permits simple driving for the inhabitants.

This venture approaches a great social foundation, various presumed schools, universities and doctor’s facilities are available in the region. For experts hoping to settle down, various presumed schools/universities are available close-by – NES International School, St. Mary Convent High School and DAV Public School.

Likewise, great medicinal services focus are available around there – Lotus Multi specialty Hospital, Platinum Hospital where quality social insurance is ensured.

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Godrej Garden City

Godrej Garden City: An Abode Of Your Dream Home

Buying a home is indeed a difficult task. It is an investment that you will be making for a lifetime. When it comes to buying a dream home, it is best to get in touch with a premium developed to get the keys to your dream abode. Are you a resident of Ahmedabad? Planning to move to a new home? Do you want all modern amenities within the vicinity of your home? If so, then Godrej Properties brings to you Godrej Garden City, a burgeoning township that has everything right from malls, cafeteria, restaurant, to amphitheater to watch new releases. It is a township under construction that will not let you step out to get anything. It is a township sustainably designed by the developer.

About The Project

When it comes to Godrej Garden City, you certainly not have to question about the quality of the materials used in building the township as the name of the developer is enough for you to understand what you are going to get when you own an apartment in the township. The project is located in SG Highway which connects Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar.  The project comprises of 2BHK-3BHK apartments. 2BHK is 1100 to 1270 Sqft and is priced at 50 lacs. 3BHK is 1332 to 1550 Sqft and is priced at 65 lacs.

Neighborhood And Location

The project is spread across 200 acres of land with abundant greenery which is an absolute treat for the eyes, fresh air and most importantly you will have complete peace of mind when you are in the township. There are 13,000 apartments and villas spreading across the township and landmarks like BSNL Training Institute and NIRMA University are in proximity. Airport, railway station, Gandhinagar all can be traveled within an hour from Godrej Garden City SG Highway.

Amenities of Godrej Garden City

  • 24*7 water and power supply
  • CCTV surveillance
  • Yoga deck
  • Jogging track
  • Kids play zone
  • Swimming pool
  • Tennis court
  • Gymnasium
  • Clubhouse
  • BBQ area
  • Lush green garden
  • Amphitheatre

The best quality vitrified tiles are used in living, foyer and in dining, laminated wooden flooring for master bedroom. The kitchen will have granite countertop and stainless steel sink.

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Vascon Goodlife Talegaon

Fabulous Apartments Available At Vascon Goodlife Talegaon

Your search for an amazing home ends here with the brand new project Vascon Goodlife launched by Vascon developers. Located in Talegaon, this one will come studded with luxurious features and amenities that will make living more exciting than ever. The developers need no introduction as their previous ventures have already earned great applause from everyone. This one is simply an addition to their great masterpieces.

Lucrative features of Vascon Goodlife

Vascon Goodlife is in its pre-launch state. So it is a golden opportunity for all those who seek the very best. Wide roads, amazing cleaning and top class security system are only some of the perks. It also has provisions made for professional housekeeping and round the clock surveillance.

Ideal location

Vascon Goodlife location

Located in Talegaon, moving to any place is a matter of few minutes. The airport and railway station are also very close and require little time to reach. To top it off, you will find some of the best educational institutions and hospitals in this area. The DY Patil College is just 2 minutes. There are malls from where you can do your regular shopping. Even the banks and petrol pumps are within quick reach and make living a lot easier for all the inhabitants.

Amenities provided

Keeping in mind your overall well being Vascon Goodlife comes equipped with a variety of amenities. For your daily fitness routine, you can drop in the yoga deck, jogging track, swimming pool or gymnasium – whatever you choose. The sports lovers will have a tennis court where they can enjoy a game of tennis with their friends while staying fit at the same time. Your children are given special attention. So for them, there is a provision for play area meant exclusively for the young kids. Additionally, there will be a clubhouse, BBQ Area, and amphitheater so that you can enjoy all forms of entertainment right at your home. No more hassle booking hotels for your parties elsewhere!

Apartment Variants

Vascon Goodlife Pune comes with 1BHK and 2BHK apartments. The starting price is Rs. 13.62 lacs. Built on 10.5 acres of land and size ranging from 227-460 sq.ft these are simply the best that you can ask for. Interiors will be decorated by professionals. The finest fittings will adorn your bathroom and your kitchen will have parallel granite platform with stainless steel sink.

Quality living, luxury, security – you have it all at a very affordable rate. So do not ponder too much and start your reservations! It is only a matter of time before all the apartments get sold out.


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Wadhwa Wise City | The ideal venue to invest & own a residential property

The ideal way to ensure that your future will be secure and your investment will be in good hands is via investing it in the leading residential developers. There are so many brilliant projects going on in Tier I and Tier II cities that you can invest your money and secure a perfect home for your family. Only the residential assets can bring the best return in the future. The leading financial advisors suggest investing your money in real estate if you have the capability of moving a high amount of funds. No other can match the capability of the return on investment from the real estate properties. It is now easy to find such properties in the leading cities. The current venture, Wadhwa Wise City Panvel from The Wadhwa group can be the best bet one can make in this aspect.

The Wadhwa group is a very trusted name in this field. The real estate industry is a tough place to create a mark. Over the years, The Wadhwa has created a unique position in the industry with its excellent residential projects. For three decades, it has been the first choice of Mumbai families seeking a home in the ideal environment. Wadhwa Wise City will be the same and even have the features in a better form. It will provide the ultimate dream environment for the Indian families to reside and enjoy a serene life ahead.

Undeniable features of Wadhwa Wise City

The project developer has not disclosed its location yet. Currently, the project is in its prelaunch conditions. Needless to say, it will be a great venture as the brand is not letting any information leaked to create a huge suspense. Wadhwa Wise City is the ideal project in the perfect location. Like the previous ones, the brand will choose a perfect location for this one also. It can be easily guessed by the name of the new venture that the new project will find a remarkable location in a metro city. Time will say which metro city is going to be lucky this time.

The previous ventures from this brand have illuminated the locations. The residential owners have found a perfect ambiance to live and stay satisfied. In fact, they also have done a great investment and reaping the fruits now. The investors are also looking for the launch of this project to make another fruitful investment for the future. The properties of this brand are sold like hot cakes. You need to be prepared for the ownership of a perfect property here.

Comfort that matters

Wadhwa Wise City will be the ideal choice if you want comfort for the rest of your life. No wonder the brand will create a landmark project in a metro city. It will provide the best options for conventional and exclusive living infrastructure in the leading location. Like all other projects, it will also leave nearly 70% of open area so that the residents can enjoy ample lung space. With all the sparkling amenities, Wadhwa Wise City will be the best choice for the modern families to live.

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